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…. I love my job!


Today was a perfect example of one of the many reasons that I love my job. At around 9:30 this morning, Auggie and I loaded up for a trip to visit some of my tile suppliers in Des Moines.  These two beautiful displays are at our Sunderland Brothers showroom.  They are more than happy to show you these displays along with the many others that they have set up.  Call me at the store for more information or directions to the showroom.

20130801_133443I am currently working with two different clients on two major re-do’s in their homes. One is a bathroom remodel and the other is a porcelain tile install in almost all of her main living areas. I was like a kid in a candy store in each of these supply houses, trying to find the perfect match for each client. The part I love best about working with people on their projects is the excitement in their eyes when they finally start to see the big picture. I try so hard to get to know a person’s likes, tastes and personalities so that I can best match them up with the perfect product that fits their particular needs. Today was a such a rewarding day for me.  We didn’t get home tonight until around 6:45pm and it was worth every minute.  I can’t wait to see these two projects come together!