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Stuffed Peppers with Shredded Chicken Breast

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Cut chicken into thin, shredded style pieces

Chop onions and mushrooms

Saute’ chicken on stove over medium heat with chicken broth until cooked through with salt and pepper

Add chopped mushrooms and onions and paprika

Add Monterey jack cheese, saute and stir until melted and veggies are soft

Meanwhile, cut peppers in half and clean out seeds

Place on baking sheet with parchment paper

Lay one piece of provolone in the bottom of the pepper

Scoop chicken mixture into each half of the bell pepper

Place piece of provolone cheese on top of each pepper half

Bake in oven until cheese is brown and bubbly

Servings – 4
Weight Watcher Points per Serving – 4

Painting – Supplies – What’s in my bag?


When it comes to painting, I truly believe that if you’ve got the right products, your project will be done faster and better than if you just “get by with what you have”  Pictured here is my main arsonal of supplies.  By keeping them bagged up in these convenient recyclable bags, they’re ready to go, saving me tons of preparation time.  The only thing missing here is my stepladder and halogen light, both of which are also an easy grab just before I’m ready to start.

Preparation is probably for me, the most boring, tedious part of the job.  I have a few tips here that have made my life easier and hopefully will help you, too!


Item #770094 at Tri-County Lumber costs $25.99 and is a great investment in your supply arsenal.

Item #770094 at Tri-County Lumber costs $25.99 and is a great investment in your supply arsenal.

First off, get yourself a good drop cloth.  I don’t like using plastic when painting because the droplets don’t dry as fast, making it easy to track paint around the house with your shoes.  I use an 8az. 9’x12′ canvas drop cloth that I bought of course at Tri-County Lumber.  Don’t laugh, but there’s a total of four of those canvases stuffed into that large, pink bag!  They really are great though.  Having more than one makes it easy when you have to turn a corner so that you can just lay them out and keep moving, rather than having to adjust your cloth for every new wall  you start.  They also work awesome if you’re repainting your ceiling so that you can keep your eyes up on the task at hand without worrying if you’re getting close to the edge of your drop cloth.


Another item that I always keep in tow that might surprise you is baby wipes.

Baby Wipes

These little guys are great for cleaning up any spatters or “oopses” that happen.  They’re already moist, saving you the time of running to the sink, and they’re disposable!  So grab yourself a package of baby wipes and throw them into your bag!  I’ve got to credit my sister Lita for this one.  She’s got a toddler at home and used the baby wipes when working on a project in her home and shared the idea with me.

I’m not really one to use normal painter’s tape like Frog Tape or the Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape.  I’ve had better luck with a nifty little product that you may not know about.  It’s called Paper Masking Tape.

Easy Mask Painter's Tape

It is an out-performing masking tape that will give better masking results. Unlike regular masking, paper mask does not allow seepage and bleed-through. The uncoated portion acts like a drop cloth to catch extra spills and splatter. The specially formulated adhesive won´t leave a sticky residue even after being exposed to direct sunlight. The features and benefits on the trilingual package clearly illustrate why Easy Mask is a superior paint masking product. It provides clean, razor-sharp edges on baseboards, ceilings, windows, walls, woodwork, graphics, trim, and cabinets.  If you’re working on a wall that has base trim and casing, this stuff is rigid enough, yet thin enough to slide in right behind that trim, allowing you to have a crisp trim without getting it on the wood.  I have also tucked it in behind the window frame of entry doors.  The trick is, to peel it off as soon as you’re done with a section.  If the paint dries on it, it acts like a glue and when you pull it off, it will pull the paint off too.  This product has saved me so much preparation time.

More to come on what’s in my bags, stay tuned!