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Buyer Beware!

Buyer Beware! Don’t fall for the gimmick! Recently, a friend of mine had me over to look at her kitchen and help choose kitchen cabinets. When I got there, she showed me the carpet she had chosen from a competitor of mine. She said they were offering her “Free Installation”. When I looked at what she had, I just about choked.
The carpet was marked $6.41/sf – Which supposedly included standard pad and free installation.

I have that EXACT piece of carpet in my store. When I add in standard pad and the cost of standard installation, my price is $5.04/sf *** So even with “free installation” I was $1.37/sf cheaper!

Think about it, if you had 600sf of carpet:
$6.41/sf = $3,846
$5.04/sf = $3,024
That’s a savings of $822 by shopping with me!! As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Product Review – Stufz Hamburger Meat Stuffer

We’ve got four kids and believe me, it’s hard to come up with meal ideas that please everyone.  When I saw my first Stufz Hamburger Meat Stuffer commercial, I just knew that I had to have it!  I waited until our store, Tri-County Lumber had it in the warehouse ($9.99)  and ordered it.  Last night, we put it to the test.
Usually when we make hamburgers, I figure out how much meat to buy using 1/3 lb. for each person.  I wasn’t sure if this contraption required more or less hamburger, so for 6 of us, I ordered 3lbs. just to be safe.
Laugh all you want, but the box didn’t come with instructions so we pulled up a YouTube video made by the inventor of Stufz and let him be our instructor.  He made it look so easy!  So now it was our turn.  Our family used everything from bacon bits, different cheeses, turkey and mushrooms.  The combinations are really endless.

Put your meat in the bottom portion of the Stufz and push down, wiggling the top around until the hamburger doesn't stick and open it up.  You'll have this large cavity just waiting to be stuffed with your favorite flavors.

Put your meat in the bottom portion of the Stufz and push down, wiggling the top around until the hamburger doesn’t stick and open it up. You’ll have this large cavity just waiting to be stuffed with your favorite flavors.


This burger has been stuffed with mushrooms, Swiss and Colby Jack cheese. It’s ready to be topped off!

After you put the top on, you'll have these awesome burgers, grill ready!  We marked our burgers with colored toothpicks so that everyone knew who's was who's.

After you put the top on, you’ll have these awesome burgers, grill ready! We marked our burgers with colored toothpicks so that everyone knew who’s was who’s.

Once everyone has stuffed their burgers, throw them on the grill and cook thoroughly.  You’re going to love the results!

Stufz Mushroom & Swiss

What surprised me the most, is that you actually don’t use much more meat than a normal burger.  We had left over meat so really, my 1/3lb. per person calculation was almost dead on.  We definitley give the Stufz a thumbs up.  Not only did it work, we had a lot of fun in the kitchen and the whole family got to participate.  The kids are already talking about the next time.  So order yours today!  Do It Best will ship to your local store for FREE!  If you’re in Jefferson, Trisha places orders every Monday and the truck arrives on Wednesday.  Give it a try!



Cookie Tip


When baking cookies, put a bath towel on the counter underneath your cooling racks.  Not only does it double for a hot pad, but when the cookie crumbs fall through the cooler, they land on the towel.  That way when you’re done, all you have to do is shake the towel out like a rug and crumb cleanup is done!

Scentsy Warmers and Bars

So I’m not one to usually jump on the bandwagon for all the new “party stuff” going around… Jewelry, handbags, candles, cooking stuff, etc…. HOWEVER…  I received a large Scentsy warmer for Christmas from my future mother in law and I just LOVE it!  I have it sitting on my desk at work.  That way I can enjoy the fragrances without having to worry about forgetting to blow the candle out.  Here’s a plug for my friend, Heather Kinsey, as she is a consultant for Scentsy… She can sell you products as well as set up parties…

Old Bay’s Seasoning – A kitchen “must have”

I discovered this after my sister gave me her recipe for marinated, grilled shrimp… Now I’ve set aside the Lawry’s seasoning and started using this… Fantastic on seafood, delicious on chicken.. This weekend I used it on pork steak and I’ve also tried it on regular steak.  Grab a can from the seasonings section of the grocery store and give it a try!

Quesadilla Maker – You NEED this ;-)

One of my FAVORITE kitchen appliances… I do everything from traditional cheese and chicken recipes to breakfast quesadillas to making an almost sandwich kind with turkey, cheese and lettuce.  Not very expensive, either… I picked up mine at the local Pamida store for less than $25 🙂

Infrared Heaters

So you’ve seen the ads out there for these new, efficient infrared heaters, right?  Well, at Tri-County, we have a company that comes in and sells their units at our store about once a month during the fall and winter months.  It took around 4 visits before I was convinced that I needed one of these heaters.  I can honestly say that it is actually something worth your money 🙂 I use ours to heat the basement rec/family room during the winter, keeping it closed off from the rest of the house.  Then I’m able to turn the thermostat down upstairs and for the rest of the house, saving on my heating bill.   Our unit runs constantly (because I set the thermostat so high) and I did see a $25 increase in the electricity part of my gas/electric bill, but, I also saw a significant reduction in the natural gas part that totally made up for the additional electric.  So I guess if you have any doubts about these units, here’s my positive plug on them.  As a matter of fact, I let my brother borrow ours for a weekend and he ended up buying one, too 🙂

Carving Pumpkins… This might surprise you :-)

Over the weekend, we had a pumpkin carving party at my brothers house. We set the table up in the garage, lined up all the pumpkins and the fun began!  After Derrik got done drawing out his design, he went to the tool box and pulled out a drywall jab saw.  We looked at him and started laughing!  With a big smile on his face, Derrik went over to his pumpkin and commenced the cutting.  I couldn’t believe how well that worked!!  No more sharp, pointy knives or pumpkin carving kits for me!  A drywall jab saw is all you need!