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Cookie Tip


When baking cookies, put a bath towel on the counter underneath your cooling racks.  Not only does it double for a hot pad, but when the cookie crumbs fall through the cooler, they land on the towel.  That way when you’re done, all you have to do is shake the towel out like a rug and crumb cleanup is done!

Clorox Wipes – Thumbs Up!

I love these things… I keep a container of these under each of the bathroom sinks in our house.  They work great for mid-week clean ups… For the toilet, countertop, ceramic/porcelain tile floor and the shower.  I don’t ever use them on the mirrors or the fixtures (faucets and shiny stuff).
They also work great on the kitchen countertop after cutting up chicken and other stuff that might leave germs and bacteria behind.

Quick and Easy – Cleaning your shower

Need to do a quick clean up of the shower and not want to get out the Gel Gloss or other chemicals?  Try using a dryer sheet on the dry shower walls… It removes soap scum and does a decent job on water spots… It’s not a thorough cleaning, but it’s quick and painless… Great for a quick mid-week tidy up 🙂

Removing Dry Erase Marker from Carpet

This one is simple.. And trust me, I know this one from experience 😉  Use straight isopropyl alchohol.  Dump it on the spot and blot dry… Do NOT rub, but blot…. works like a charm!  I found this out when Neysa got black marker on Mom and Dad’s white basement carpet… 🙂 

Making your paint brush easier to clean :-)

This one is simple!  When you’re getting ready to paint with a latex paint, get your paintbrush wet with water first… then pat dry with a paper towel… Getting it wet with water first will fill up all those pores making it easier to clean when you’re done… Remember never to let your brush dry out.  If you need to take a break, wrap the brush up in Saran Wrap or a baggie and stick it in the fridge.

Clorox Green Works – Sorry, not for me….

So this is the first product that I’m writing about that I don’t recommend 🙁  The idea of Clorox + Green sounded awesome to me, but this was a dud… The sticky film that it left after cleaning countertops was enough for me to realize that this couldn’t be good… It also was very streaky.  I’ve been on the never ending search for the perfect all purpose cleaner and this one didn’t make the cut…. BUT I’ve got something up my sleeve  🙂  I made MY OWN cleaner tonight 🙂  Still in the testing stages, but so far, so good!  Details to follow!

Olive Oil Secret :-)

Did you know that if you dab a bit of olive oil onto a soft cloth or paper towel (don’t over-do it), you can use it on your stainless steel or satin nickel finish items to remove streaks and water spots?  Try it!  Oh and also, vinegar works great on that stainless steel stuff too 😉

Pet Hair??? Not anymore!!!!!! :-)

So this is just one of those things I “had to try”.  We’ve got two cats and a Mommy that can’t stand pet hair.  I’ve got dark brown micro suede couches in the living room and a solid red bed spread… So as you can imagine, they show EVERYTHING!  So for around 5 bucks I thought I would give this critter a try.  It’s set up like this…. The bottom of the sweeper has two of the old style lint picker-uppers on it… they face each other so that the fabric goes in opposite directions.  The top of the sweeper is a handle/clear plastic bubble… To use:  Rub the sweeper from side to side back and forth.  EASY!  Then watch as that clear bubble fills up with pet hair!  I’ve had mine for some time now and my bubble is getting pretty full but it still works!  Once the bubble gets too full, you just throw it away and grab a new one.  Sweet!  I’d say that this is definitely a good recommendation 🙂

** Note:  I know that Scotch also makes a pet hair picker-upper… Although I have never tried it, a good friend told me that she uses it with great success as well 🙂  Thanks, Emily!

Cleaning Ceramic/Porcelain Tile

Did you know that cleaning your ceramic/porcelain tile with a cleaner that contains citrus will cause the grout to break up and pop out?  My solution is an easy one…. Use a mixture of warm water and vinegar.  I’m not a mop and bucket kind of girl so I just use one of my disposable Gladwear containers put in the hot water first then a splash of vinegar..  I use a wash cloth to clean.  No rinsing required and the tile will not be left sticky.  The best part is then you can rinse out the container and throw it in the dishwasher!  Easy at it comes!