Today’s the Day! Thrive with me – Day 1

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I think that the best way to do this day is to timestamp it. Let’s see how things go!
5:44am – Alarm goes off – I hit snooze

6:01am – My brain remembers that I have to work this morning – I roll off the bed, put my slippers on and head into the kitchen. It’s time to take my Thrive capsules. Oh, they’re a cute purple and white, cool! Down the hatch! Now, let’s mix this shake…. Instructions on the back say, ” – Wait. I can’t see them. Back to the bedroom to get my glasses. Ugh.
Ok, glasses on, reading instructions. I open the packet to take a whiff of it and see how I want to mix it up. Suggestions are in water, milk, juice or in a smoothie. Today’s shake smells like a sweet vanilla, yummy! I think I’ll try milk. I mix half a packet into about 6oz. of milk and put it in the fridge to rest. Time to shower.

6:25am – After my shower, I try the shake. Mike is anxiously waiting at the kitchen table for my reaction. Mmmmm! It’s good, but sweet. I add another 4-5 oz of milk, stir and try it again. Oh my goodness YUMMY! It tastes like a slightly sweetened milk. It is so good! I hand the glass to Mike for a taste, his eyes brighten up, “Wow, I’d drink that every morning!” I smile and remind him that it would be a great way to get his daily vitamins and minerals – and – it’s filling! We’ll work on him later 😉
I immediately then took my daily normal medication for pain, nerve problems and allergies – along with a cup of coffee.

6:45am – It’s time for the DFT patch – Oh where to put it? I put it on my inner bicep. It just feels like I’m wearing a band-aid, but looks badass. 🙂

My Badass DFT patch

My Badass DFT patch

7:15am – Remember when I rolled out of bed? Well, I’m waking up now, not jittery though – and I’m not even hungry. It’s time to head off to work!

10:36am – I’m in such a good mood, it’s almost giddy – So far so good! One thing I do notice is that I’m not craving my coffee like normal. I’ve had two cups today and now I’m switching to water. That’s about 2 hours earlier than normal. That’s good, right?

2:38pm – I just took a drink of water. Wait, did I just say water??!! Usually I’ve already chugged a Dt. Dew by now – guess what – I’ve got zero need to! I feel great and have no headache. Water it is! (I hear money being saved as I sip….)

5:49pm – I just now realized that it’s almost closing time. Today has really gone by quickly. I’ve downed three bottles of water this afternoon, still no soda. For me, that’s amazing. It’s either one, two or more every day for me, so this is a tell-tale sign of great things to come!

9:08pm – For supper, a small portion of pork steak, no side and a yogurt. It’s really all I need. I still feel great and am thrilled with day one. Time to rest now and settle in. I’m feeling really good about this! #ThriveOn

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