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Painting – What Color Should I Use?

Valspar Color Cards

One of the most commonly asked questions that I get at work is, “What color do you think would look good with this ____________ ?”  Well, here’s a tip to help you choose.

After you’ve decided what color family you’re wanting to have, go to the store and find some color chip samples.  Our store has hundreds of them to choose from and they’re all free for the taking.  I usually take three or four different ones home, each with a different “background shade” so that I can decide which is best.  Remember, colors will look much different at your house than they will under the fluorescent lights of the store.

When you get home, find yourself some scissors and painter’s tape.  If the color chip has several different colors, cut out the ones you’re most interested in.  If you’re lucky and the color you’re interested in is on one big card, you can use that.  Use the painter’s tape and put a small piece on each of the color chips.  Put chips up on the wall – eye level – spacing them so that they’re not one on top of another.  Be sure to do this in a place where the lighting is good.

Now the easy part!  For the next few days while you’re walking in or out of the room, take a glance at the wall, chances are, one of the colors will continuously draw your eye.  This will most likely be the color that works.  Just to be sure, move that color to a different wall where the lighting might be different.  That way you can make sure that the color doesn’t take on a different tone.

Wasn’t that easy?