Pet Hair??? Not anymore!!!!!! :-)

So this is just one of those things I “had to try”.  We’ve got two cats and a Mommy that can’t stand pet hair.  I’ve got dark brown micro suede couches in the living room and a solid red bed spread… So as you can imagine, they show EVERYTHING!  So for around 5 bucks I thought I would give this critter a try.  It’s set up like this…. The bottom of the sweeper has two of the old style lint picker-uppers on it… they face each other so that the fabric goes in opposite directions.  The top of the sweeper is a handle/clear plastic bubble… To use:  Rub the sweeper from side to side back and forth.  EASY!  Then watch as that clear bubble fills up with pet hair!  I’ve had mine for some time now and my bubble is getting pretty full but it still works!  Once the bubble gets too full, you just throw it away and grab a new one.  Sweet!  I’d say that this is definitely a good recommendation 🙂

** Note:  I know that Scotch also makes a pet hair picker-upper… Although I have never tried it, a good friend told me that she uses it with great success as well 🙂  Thanks, Emily!

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