Infrared Heaters

So you’ve seen the ads out there for these new, efficient infrared heaters, right?  Well, at Tri-County, we have a company that comes in and sells their units at our store about once a month during the fall and winter months.  It took around 4 visits before I was convinced that I needed one of these heaters.  I can honestly say that it is actually something worth your money 🙂 I use ours to heat the basement rec/family room during the winter, keeping it closed off from the rest of the house.  Then I’m able to turn the thermostat down upstairs and for the rest of the house, saving on my heating bill.   Our unit runs constantly (because I set the thermostat so high) and I did see a $25 increase in the electricity part of my gas/electric bill, but, I also saw a significant reduction in the natural gas part that totally made up for the additional electric.  So I guess if you have any doubts about these units, here’s my positive plug on them.  As a matter of fact, I let my brother borrow ours for a weekend and he ended up buying one, too 🙂

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