For Cat Owners – The Litter Locker

I LOVE this product!!!  Tired of using grocery bags to scoop cat litter into?  I was!

This is a very simple to use product… You open the lid to the Litter Locker, scoop the yucky stuff from the litter box and dump into the Litter Locker… Close the lid and turn the wheel… DONE!  It locks the smell away keeping your house smelling like home and not a litter box.  Here’s a description of the product from the Litter Locker people….

“LitterLocker is the award winning innovative system that solves the problem of soiled litter disposal. LitterLocker gives cat lovers an odorless, hygienic, easy way to dispose of waste. Pet owners simply scoop and sift clumps in a regular litter box using the litter scoop included with the unit, open the lid and discard the waste in the LitterLocker container. With a quick and easy turn of the handle, the clumps – and odors – are sealed away in a 7-ply odor barrier bag. One turn away, keeps the odor away.”

I bought mine at a pet store and I buy the refills online.  They’re cheaper if you can buy them five at a time.  They last a long time, but it’s always good to have a back-up on hand.  A must have product for cat people!

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