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What happened to the old Trisha?

About 12 weeks ago, I introduced you to a product called Thrive. A premium grade vitamin, mineral and plant extract supplement. Well, let me tell you what’s happened since this journey began.
I was lucky enough to be a “Day One’r” and start feeling the effects right away. Most of those that I know on Thrive, didn’t feel the full effects until day 5 and some were even later than that, on day 9 and 10. Every person’s body is different. We all absorb nutrients in a different way. Some people even feel the effects of detox while Thrive starts to work. Some people even say, “it didn’t do anything for me” but I can tell you, it’s because they never gave it the full 8-week experience or they were not taking it properly. For me, the results were immediate and for that, I’m super lucky.
After four days on the product, my husband, Mike, said to me, “What is that stuff you’re taking? Can I try some of it?” When I asked him why he was so curious, he told me it was because my mood was all of a sudden in the clouds, I was waking up earlier than my alarm and he noticed that I was also going to sleep faster than I ever have before – and staying asleep! So we started Mike in Thrive the very next day.
Mike and I work together at my family’s lumber yard and retail store. He works outside in the yard moving heavy products, loading trucks and customer vehicles, making deliveries, doing maintenance on our equipment and so much more. His job is very, very physical and every night, he came home exhausted and ready for bed. So much in fact, that he’d be sleeping on the couch just about every night by 8pm.
Not anymore! Mike was also a “Day One’r!” He came into my office about mid-morning with a huge smile on his face and told me that he “felt great”. Well, of course, that made my day! The day progressed on and Mike noticed how much water he was craving compared to the normal craving for coffee and immediately decided to stop drinking soda.
Fast forward to today. Let me tell you the God honest truth, Thrive has changed our lives for the absolute BEST! Why? The answer is simple. WE FEEL AWESOME.

* We wake up every morning before the alarm goes off, refreshed and ready for the day.
* We have all day energy without having the big crash in the afternoon or right after a long day at work
* We aren’t drinking soda anymore – Talk about a cost savings! Our grocery bill has gone down the average of $248 every 30 days because we aren’t buying soda and crappy foods. The cravings just aren’t there and quite frankly, crappy food makes us feel yucky afterwards.
* We sleep better than we ever have.
* We definitely have noticed the difference in our moods. We’re happier people. Happier couples = All sorts of good things 😉
* I personally went from 8 prescribed pain pills per day down to 2 – TWO! My kidneys are thanking me for that.
* The mental clarity you experience is really hard to explain. It’s seriously a feeling. A euphoric, awesome feeling each and every day.
* I’ve personally lost about 8lbs – Mike 12lbs. Thrive is not a weight loss magic pill. It’s just that we feel so much better that we’re making better food choices, not eating as much and moving so much more
* My skin is clearer and brighter
* My digestive system is on track and on schedule – which was a rarity because of all the prescriptions that I was on
No Filter
I’m absolutely crazy about Thrive. Every person on this planet should experience what it’s like to have nutraceutical grade nutrition put into their bodies. Thrive products are the real thing. Produced from USA grown plants and contain no fillers. You cannot buy any product out there with the same quality of ingredients as Thrive. Not only that but Thrive is the only product in the world offering wearable nutrition – in the form of the DFT foam you wear every day.
It’s an easy to follow, first thing in the morning, system. 2-capsules with water before your feet hit the floor on an empty stomach. A delicious shake 20 minutes later and apply your DFT foam. That’s it! Nothing else to remember! No lists, no certain foods, no counting calories or grams of stuff. 1-2-3 and you’re done!
Show me!
Are you ready to give it a go or just want to learn more? With your email address, I can get you TWO free websites to call your own and a FREE customer account. When do you want to start?!
Email me your name and email address, I’ll get you started.
Check out my site and learn about what Thrive is and the potential it has to offer you! Oh, and did I mention, if you refer two friends and they place an auto-ship order, you’ll get credit on the 2nd of the next month to use towards your product. In other words, yours is FREE! This is for each and every month that two of your friends are ordering, not just the new ones. As a customer, you get the two free websites, a free account and no minimums in order to receive the referral credits. How cool is that??!!

…. I love my job!


Today was a perfect example of one of the many reasons that I love my job. At around 9:30 this morning, Auggie and I loaded up for a trip to visit some of my tile suppliers in Des Moines.  These two beautiful displays are at our Sunderland Brothers showroom.  They are more than happy to show you these displays along with the many others that they have set up.  Call me at the store for more information or directions to the showroom.

20130801_133443I am currently working with two different clients on two major re-do’s in their homes. One is a bathroom remodel and the other is a porcelain tile install in almost all of her main living areas. I was like a kid in a candy store in each of these supply houses, trying to find the perfect match for each client. The part I love best about working with people on their projects is the excitement in their eyes when they finally start to see the big picture. I try so hard to get to know a person’s likes, tastes and personalities so that I can best match them up with the perfect product that fits their particular needs. Today was a such a rewarding day for me.  We didn’t get home tonight until around 6:45pm and it was worth every minute.  I can’t wait to see these two projects come together!