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What to use when applying stain to wood….

It’s probably something you’ve got in a drawer somewhere…. or check the laundry room… I like to use old socks or cotton t-shirts 🙂  Everyone has them laying around (you know that missing sock pile?)  Use these to wipe on and wipe off when staining wood… The easy part is the clean up…. Just throw them away!! 

Home Made Glass Cleaner :-)

My never ending quest to find the perfect glass/hard surface cleaner may have just come to an end!  This past week, I’ve been testing a cleaner that I made myself, using everyday stuff around the house 🙂  Remember that Clorox Green Works?  Well, I took the label off the bottle and made my own, therefore recycling the bottle after dumping out the cleaner that got a big “boo!” from me….

Anyway, here’s my magic potion:

1 cup of isopropyl alcohol

1 cup of tap water

Two tablespoons of white vinegar

That’s it!
I already knew the magical cleaning powers of vinegar, but wanted something that would evaporate quickly, therefore not leave streaks on glass, so I added in the alcohol.  I’ll be honest, the mixture doesn’t smell the best (smells like alcohol, not vinegar) but it works wonderfully!  I’ve been using it all over the house on laminate countertops, mirrors, glass and my stainless steel sink… It also works great on the microwave, glass stove top and of course windows 🙂  Give it a try, let me know what you think…
On a side note, since I’m not a professional and I don’t have a lab in which to test this in, I’d advise not using this product on wood or furniture…

Rain Flow Gutter Protection

Total Gutter Protection is right! I’ve had this product on my house for 4 years now and still just love it.  I’ve never had to clean my gutters since it was installed.  Come to Tri-County Lumber and check out our display.  5″ x 3′ piece of Rain Flow – $ 8.99