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About Trisha Emery

First and foremost I am a Mother to four incredible kids... August, Kyle , Neysa and Molly. What I enjoy... Spending quality time with my husband, kids and family. I love the sound of my children laughing, fishing, boating, reading, sitting by the fire, the night sky, rain, writing, painting, music, shooting guns, incense, open windows & being outdoors. My children always come first ♥

Stuffed Peppers with Shredded Chicken Breast

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Cut chicken into thin, shredded style pieces

Chop onions and mushrooms

Saute’ chicken on stove over medium heat with chicken broth until cooked through with salt and pepper

Add chopped mushrooms and onions and paprika

Add Monterey jack cheese, saute and stir until melted and veggies are soft

Meanwhile, cut peppers in half and clean out seeds

Place on baking sheet with parchment paper

Lay one piece of provolone in the bottom of the pepper

Scoop chicken mixture into each half of the bell pepper

Place piece of provolone cheese on top of each pepper half

Bake in oven until cheese is brown and bubbly

Servings – 4
Weight Watcher Points per Serving – 4

Buyer Beware!

Buyer Beware! Don’t fall for the gimmick! Recently, a friend of mine had me over to look at her kitchen and help choose kitchen cabinets. When I got there, she showed me the carpet she had chosen from a competitor of mine. She said they were offering her “Free Installation”. When I looked at what she had, I just about choked.
The carpet was marked $6.41/sf – Which supposedly included standard pad and free installation.

I have that EXACT piece of carpet in my store. When I add in standard pad and the cost of standard installation, my price is $5.04/sf *** So even with “free installation” I was $1.37/sf cheaper!

Think about it, if you had 600sf of carpet:
$6.41/sf = $3,846
$5.04/sf = $3,024
That’s a savings of $822 by shopping with me!! As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

What happened to the old Trisha?

About 12 weeks ago, I introduced you to a product called Thrive. A premium grade vitamin, mineral and plant extract supplement. Well, let me tell you what’s happened since this journey began.
I was lucky enough to be a “Day One’r” and start feeling the effects right away. Most of those that I know on Thrive, didn’t feel the full effects until day 5 and some were even later than that, on day 9 and 10. Every person’s body is different. We all absorb nutrients in a different way. Some people even feel the effects of detox while Thrive starts to work. Some people even say, “it didn’t do anything for me” but I can tell you, it’s because they never gave it the full 8-week experience or they were not taking it properly. For me, the results were immediate and for that, I’m super lucky.
After four days on the product, my husband, Mike, said to me, “What is that stuff you’re taking? Can I try some of it?” When I asked him why he was so curious, he told me it was because my mood was all of a sudden in the clouds, I was waking up earlier than my alarm and he noticed that I was also going to sleep faster than I ever have before – and staying asleep! So we started Mike in Thrive the very next day.
Mike and I work together at my family’s lumber yard and retail store. He works outside in the yard moving heavy products, loading trucks and customer vehicles, making deliveries, doing maintenance on our equipment and so much more. His job is very, very physical and every night, he came home exhausted and ready for bed. So much in fact, that he’d be sleeping on the couch just about every night by 8pm.
Not anymore! Mike was also a “Day One’r!” He came into my office about mid-morning with a huge smile on his face and told me that he “felt great”. Well, of course, that made my day! The day progressed on and Mike noticed how much water he was craving compared to the normal craving for coffee and immediately decided to stop drinking soda.
Fast forward to today. Let me tell you the God honest truth, Thrive has changed our lives for the absolute BEST! Why? The answer is simple. WE FEEL AWESOME.

* We wake up every morning before the alarm goes off, refreshed and ready for the day.
* We have all day energy without having the big crash in the afternoon or right after a long day at work
* We aren’t drinking soda anymore – Talk about a cost savings! Our grocery bill has gone down the average of $248 every 30 days because we aren’t buying soda and crappy foods. The cravings just aren’t there and quite frankly, crappy food makes us feel yucky afterwards.
* We sleep better than we ever have.
* We definitely have noticed the difference in our moods. We’re happier people. Happier couples = All sorts of good things 😉
* I personally went from 8 prescribed pain pills per day down to 2 – TWO! My kidneys are thanking me for that.
* The mental clarity you experience is really hard to explain. It’s seriously a feeling. A euphoric, awesome feeling each and every day.
* I’ve personally lost about 8lbs – Mike 12lbs. Thrive is not a weight loss magic pill. It’s just that we feel so much better that we’re making better food choices, not eating as much and moving so much more
* My skin is clearer and brighter
* My digestive system is on track and on schedule – which was a rarity because of all the prescriptions that I was on
No Filter
I’m absolutely crazy about Thrive. Every person on this planet should experience what it’s like to have nutraceutical grade nutrition put into their bodies. Thrive products are the real thing. Produced from USA grown plants and contain no fillers. You cannot buy any product out there with the same quality of ingredients as Thrive. Not only that but Thrive is the only product in the world offering wearable nutrition – in the form of the DFT foam you wear every day.
It’s an easy to follow, first thing in the morning, system. 2-capsules with water before your feet hit the floor on an empty stomach. A delicious shake 20 minutes later and apply your DFT foam. That’s it! Nothing else to remember! No lists, no certain foods, no counting calories or grams of stuff. 1-2-3 and you’re done!
Show me!
Are you ready to give it a go or just want to learn more? With your email address, I can get you TWO free websites to call your own and a FREE customer account. When do you want to start?!
Email me your name and email address, I’ll get you started.
Check out my site and learn about what Thrive is and the potential it has to offer you! Oh, and did I mention, if you refer two friends and they place an auto-ship order, you’ll get credit on the 2nd of the next month to use towards your product. In other words, yours is FREE! This is for each and every month that two of your friends are ordering, not just the new ones. As a customer, you get the two free websites, a free account and no minimums in order to receive the referral credits. How cool is that??!!

Today’s the Day! Thrive with me – Day 1

2015-05-27 13.13.41 (1)

I think that the best way to do this day is to timestamp it. Let’s see how things go!
5:44am – Alarm goes off – I hit snooze

6:01am – My brain remembers that I have to work this morning – I roll off the bed, put my slippers on and head into the kitchen. It’s time to take my Thrive capsules. Oh, they’re a cute purple and white, cool! Down the hatch! Now, let’s mix this shake…. Instructions on the back say, ” – Wait. I can’t see them. Back to the bedroom to get my glasses. Ugh.
Ok, glasses on, reading instructions. I open the packet to take a whiff of it and see how I want to mix it up. Suggestions are in water, milk, juice or in a smoothie. Today’s shake smells like a sweet vanilla, yummy! I think I’ll try milk. I mix half a packet into about 6oz. of milk and put it in the fridge to rest. Time to shower.

6:25am – After my shower, I try the shake. Mike is anxiously waiting at the kitchen table for my reaction. Mmmmm! It’s good, but sweet. I add another 4-5 oz of milk, stir and try it again. Oh my goodness YUMMY! It tastes like a slightly sweetened milk. It is so good! I hand the glass to Mike for a taste, his eyes brighten up, “Wow, I’d drink that every morning!” I smile and remind him that it would be a great way to get his daily vitamins and minerals – and – it’s filling! We’ll work on him later 😉
I immediately then took my daily normal medication for pain, nerve problems and allergies – along with a cup of coffee.

6:45am – It’s time for the DFT patch – Oh where to put it? I put it on my inner bicep. It just feels like I’m wearing a band-aid, but looks badass. 🙂

My Badass DFT patch

My Badass DFT patch

7:15am – Remember when I rolled out of bed? Well, I’m waking up now, not jittery though – and I’m not even hungry. It’s time to head off to work!

10:36am – I’m in such a good mood, it’s almost giddy – So far so good! One thing I do notice is that I’m not craving my coffee like normal. I’ve had two cups today and now I’m switching to water. That’s about 2 hours earlier than normal. That’s good, right?

2:38pm – I just took a drink of water. Wait, did I just say water??!! Usually I’ve already chugged a Dt. Dew by now – guess what – I’ve got zero need to! I feel great and have no headache. Water it is! (I hear money being saved as I sip….)

5:49pm – I just now realized that it’s almost closing time. Today has really gone by quickly. I’ve downed three bottles of water this afternoon, still no soda. For me, that’s amazing. It’s either one, two or more every day for me, so this is a tell-tale sign of great things to come!

9:08pm – For supper, a small portion of pork steak, no side and a yogurt. It’s really all I need. I still feel great and am thrilled with day one. Time to rest now and settle in. I’m feeling really good about this! #ThriveOn

Today Starts Something New

Well, until the package arrives anyway. Today I signed up to partner with Le-Vel Company to promote a product called Thrive. Thrive is not a weight loss miracle, a hoax or something fake. My friends are using it and feeling great and I want that feeling, too! Come join me on this Thrive journey, won’t you? Eight weeks is all it takes to get started. Click here, watch the video and start Thriving with me today!


Fifty Shades of Chicken – A Parody in a Cookbook

” “Let me relax you,” he continues in a low voice.  “Take a deep breath, Chicken.  Think of a waterfall.”  He positions me on my back on a cutting mat, in a neutral position.  He grasps one of his many blades and traces a gentle line, drawing the tip toward the apex of my thighs, down there.  I feel vulnerable and eager as y legs loosen.  His expert hands to the rest. coaxing my legs wider, wider, until they slack and drop to the mat.  I am indecently splayed, yet so blissed out I scarcely register his fingers sliding into me, until I feel a deep clenching where he’s inserted half a lemon.  Ohhhhh. ”


If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is the chicken talking.  Talking about her handsome, rock hard bodied chef preparing her for his latest chicken recipe, Spread-Eagle Chicken.  I know you’re probably wondering, what the heck?!  Well, so am I!  This book arrived at the store, addressed to my name, and has me (actually all of us here) in stitches.


The hilariously written book has 157 pages of delicious looking chicken recipes ranging from “Popped-Cherry Pullet” to “Sexy Sliders”  I have a feeling that this will be a team effort cook book.  Something that Mike and I can use together to make supper, while reading the creative story of a man and his chicken and laughing until our sides hurt.  Or as in the case today, I laughed until I cried.  Did I mention that the man in this story has rock hard abs?  What I would do to be his chicken….  Ha ha.  Perhaps not, but it’s going to make for a good time in the kitchen!

Watch for updates on this blog, I’ll let you know just how delicious these recipes really are!




Product Review – Stufz Hamburger Meat Stuffer

We’ve got four kids and believe me, it’s hard to come up with meal ideas that please everyone.  When I saw my first Stufz Hamburger Meat Stuffer commercial, I just knew that I had to have it!  I waited until our store, Tri-County Lumber had it in the warehouse ($9.99)  and ordered it.  Last night, we put it to the test.
Usually when we make hamburgers, I figure out how much meat to buy using 1/3 lb. for each person.  I wasn’t sure if this contraption required more or less hamburger, so for 6 of us, I ordered 3lbs. just to be safe.
Laugh all you want, but the box didn’t come with instructions so we pulled up a YouTube video made by the inventor of Stufz and let him be our instructor.  He made it look so easy!  So now it was our turn.  Our family used everything from bacon bits, different cheeses, turkey and mushrooms.  The combinations are really endless.

Put your meat in the bottom portion of the Stufz and push down, wiggling the top around until the hamburger doesn't stick and open it up.  You'll have this large cavity just waiting to be stuffed with your favorite flavors.

Put your meat in the bottom portion of the Stufz and push down, wiggling the top around until the hamburger doesn’t stick and open it up. You’ll have this large cavity just waiting to be stuffed with your favorite flavors.


This burger has been stuffed with mushrooms, Swiss and Colby Jack cheese. It’s ready to be topped off!

After you put the top on, you'll have these awesome burgers, grill ready!  We marked our burgers with colored toothpicks so that everyone knew who's was who's.

After you put the top on, you’ll have these awesome burgers, grill ready! We marked our burgers with colored toothpicks so that everyone knew who’s was who’s.

Once everyone has stuffed their burgers, throw them on the grill and cook thoroughly.  You’re going to love the results!

Stufz Mushroom & Swiss

What surprised me the most, is that you actually don’t use much more meat than a normal burger.  We had left over meat so really, my 1/3lb. per person calculation was almost dead on.  We definitley give the Stufz a thumbs up.  Not only did it work, we had a lot of fun in the kitchen and the whole family got to participate.  The kids are already talking about the next time.  So order yours today!  Do It Best will ship to your local store for FREE!  If you’re in Jefferson, Trisha places orders every Monday and the truck arrives on Wednesday.  Give it a try!



Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

Whether you’re looking for an appetizer or something new and fun to eat with the kids, this one is sure to be a hit!

What you’ll need:

Three boneless chicken breasts
1 lb. Bacon (I like the meat counter stuff)
Italian Dressing
3/4 cup of brown sugar
2 tbsp. Chili Powder
Wooden toothpicks

Prep time (not including the marinade):  40 minutes
Cook time: 35 minutes

Soak the whole chicken breast in Italian dressing and marinate over night.  Then, the  following day….

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Trim the fat and cut your chicken breast into cubes about one inch square 20141220_171032





Next, cut your bacon into three even length sections.





Prepare the rub mixture by combining 3/4 cup of tightly packed brown sugar with 2 tbsp. of Chili Powder.  Mix with a fork until the brown sugar crumbles are broken up and mixed well with the Chili Powder.

Next, wrap each piece of chicken with bacon and secure with a wooden toothpick.  Place into the mixture of brown sugar and Chili Powder and coat well.  It’s easier to put up to three or four at a time into the bowl so that you can completely cover the chicken and bacon.


I used a broiler pan for cooking.  First I put a layer of tin foil on the bottom section of the pan to catch all of the grease, then coated the cooking surface with a high quality cooking spray.  I used PAM Olive Oil.


Once this is done, place the chicken/bacon bites on the broiler pan with the bottom part of the toothpick in the drip slot, this will keep them upright and perfectly spaced out.






Place in oven and cook for 30-35 minutes, or until the bacon starts to get crispy.  You’re then ready to serve!  Enjoy!





…. I love my job!


Today was a perfect example of one of the many reasons that I love my job. At around 9:30 this morning, Auggie and I loaded up for a trip to visit some of my tile suppliers in Des Moines.  These two beautiful displays are at our Sunderland Brothers showroom.  They are more than happy to show you these displays along with the many others that they have set up.  Call me at the store for more information or directions to the showroom.

20130801_133443I am currently working with two different clients on two major re-do’s in their homes. One is a bathroom remodel and the other is a porcelain tile install in almost all of her main living areas. I was like a kid in a candy store in each of these supply houses, trying to find the perfect match for each client. The part I love best about working with people on their projects is the excitement in their eyes when they finally start to see the big picture. I try so hard to get to know a person’s likes, tastes and personalities so that I can best match them up with the perfect product that fits their particular needs. Today was a such a rewarding day for me.  We didn’t get home tonight until around 6:45pm and it was worth every minute.  I can’t wait to see these two projects come together!

Cookie Tip


When baking cookies, put a bath towel on the counter underneath your cooling racks.  Not only does it double for a hot pad, but when the cookie crumbs fall through the cooler, they land on the towel.  That way when you’re done, all you have to do is shake the towel out like a rug and crumb cleanup is done!